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About Us

Inspiring individuals, encouraging education and overall well being

Johnathan Thurston Academy

The JT Academy aims to be a leading national provider of outstanding employment initiatives and training programs aimed at health, wellbeing, sport and education across Australia. The Academy’s key strength is developing and delivering high quality programs to individuals, equipping them with the right skills, knowledge and attributes to make a significant and positive future impact. Through strong education, community and industry partnerships we are committed to supporting you to reach your personal, educational and career goals.

JT Academy’s key strength will be developing and delivering high quality programs to individuals, equipping individuals with the right skills, knowledge and attributes to make a significant and positive future impact. Through strong networks, community and industry partnerships combined with the power of the Johnathan Thurston brand, we are committed to support individuals to reach their personal, educational and career goals.


Through online learning, the Johnathan Thurston Academy is powered by GO1, an online learning platform equipped to facilitate learning for users across a range of topics. Our content is targeted to support children, youth, adults and organisations across all industries to address the changing needs of individuals and organisations.

Johnathan and his team are passionate about creating strong learning cultures, dedicated to encouraging learning and are devoted advocates of education and mentoring initiatives that support the development of personal and professional skills.


Johnathan Thurston Academy develops and delivers a range of Community programs and initiatives focusing on education, employment, health and well being to assist our local communities. Through community consultation our programs are developed to support disadvantaged and marginalised youth and their families through delivery of capacity building programs.

Delivering outcomes and change within community by addressing employment, education, health and training needs. We are robust and transparent from concept to delivery.

Johnathan’s passion for his culture lies at the very core, and is fundamental to the Academy. Johnathan and his team work extensively with the Indigenous Community and acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the land, elders past and present and the importance of young people as the future of our nation
Our Current Community Focus areas are:

  • Employment
  • School Engagement
  • Early Childhood
  • Women
  • Health and Wellbeing


Johnathan Thurston Academy, with Lendlease as our major employment partner, is a unique collaborative employment zone. The goal and focus, is to connect jobseekers to all of our employment partners including (but not limited to) Lendlease projects and communities throughout Queensland, New South Wales and Northern Territory.

We aim to ensure that all opportunities for potential connections are both exhausted and managed in the one zone. We have created a unique and sophisticated platform that streamlines all employment and training opportunities between jobseekers and employers.

The main objective of the Academy is to ensure that locals throughout the regions have access to employment and training opportunities. We will link and connect with local community, government departments, schools, sub-contractors, retailers, project operations, local councils and all key community stakeholders.

Connect and Facilitate

  • Facilitating introductions between Jobseekers and Employers
  • Job ready training programs and initiatives
  • Fully functional Job board, a free service for all employers and jobseekers
  • Johnathan Thurston Academy – “JTSucceed” and “JTGetReady” employment programs
  • Workplace Training Facilitation – upskilling and Training
  • Job matching, candidate profiling.
  • Fully functional CRM and marketing platform
  • JTHotJobs – to be sent regularly to our jobseekers
  • JTStarCandidates – to be sent regularly to our employment partners
  • Regular engagement and messaging to all employees and jobseekers
  • Monthly newsletter to all Johnathan Thurston Academy members and stakeholders
The Johnathan Thurston Academy will seek out and harness valuable relationships with training service providers, universities, industry, community organisations, schools, government agencies and councils. The Johnathan Thurston Academy will provide a free community facility for job matching, training coordination and essential youth (15-25’s) services across all areas of education, employment and training support.


JTYouth zone provides a unique, safe place for young people to learn and engage with positive messaging. Sports, health, education, wellbeing and some creative activities. The JTYouth zone will welcome thousands of young people whom we will engage and provide positive messaging to raise their aspirations and provide them with access to high quality messaging, learning and activities.


The JTFanZone provides fans with the latest news on Johnathan Thurston’s career and his Academy. Filled with Rugby League news, JT quizzes, photo gallery, JT video highlights, JT Stats, JT questions, newsletters… and much more. A place for JT fans to engage whilst be kept informed and updated on all things Johnathan Thurston, Rugby League and the Johnathan Thurston Academy.