JTSucceed – Employment Workshops

JTSucceed – Employment Workshops

Whether you’re getting that job, getting that degree or passing that exam, if you have self-belief, courage and confidence, YOU are the difference to achieving your dreams.

The JTSUCCEED Program is an Intensive Employment Assistance Program designed from industry consultation to give young people who want to work the edge they need to gain and maintain employment.

The JTSucceed Program is designed to accommodate the needs and capabilities of a wide range of participants. An integral part of the Program is to build confidence, self-belief and encourage a change of mindset whilst empowering courage within our participants to seek employment. Participants are mentored, and workshops are facilitated by Ambassadors who have been identified and invited by Johnathan to get involved. JT Academy Ambassadors act as role models and mentors to support and encourage the participants to build their aspirations and achieve their goals.

Workshops are currently running on the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Gold Coast

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