Field Mining Services

Field Mining Services

Field Mining Services (FMS) is a maintenance industry leaderincorporating CQ Field Mining Services, WA Field Mining Services and PNG Field Mining Services in supporting the Australian and Pacific region’s mining and gas industries.

The companies have grownsince 2006 to form Field Mining Services, providing specialist services in mobile and fixed plant maintenance in Queensland, Western Australia and Papua New Guinea. We have full quality assurance and safety and environmental certifications and can supply a highly qualified and expert team to our clients, including rapid response crews, project managers, asset management and engineering support.

FMS has over 220 mobile trade specialists that deliver quality work safely at various sites across Australia and Papua New Guinea, and full welding and fabrication workshops and facilities. The company can partner with clients for design and engineering development in its fully equipped workshop or on site as required. These uniquely enable FMS to be an employer of choice, offeringjunior and adult apprentices and employees hands-on training and development, mentoring and quality management in their employment.

Just some of the jobs we offer include boilermaking, diesel fitting, electrical and trades, and mechanical fitting.

FMS is committed to ensuring that our apprentices and team members gain the skills, knowledge, training and support they need to succeed. We offer excellent opportunities to indigenous young people seeking a rewarding career in our industry.

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