Johnathan Thurston Academy, in partnership with Evolution Mining Together providing access to MINING JOBS and Community Employment Programs

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Johnathan Thurston Academy in Partnership with Evolution Mining

The Johnathan Thurston Academy has signed an exciting two year partnership with Evolution Mining, an Australian gold mining company, to help improve access to employment and training opportunities for local and indigenous jobseekers aged between 16 and 25 across Australia.

Community Programs

Evolution is a relatively young company, which has quickly evolved into a globally relevant gold mining business with a reputation of delivering value for all stakeholders. Having won various awards for community, safety and operational excellence, Evolution is committed to growing their people and their communities, as they grow.

The Johnathan Thurston Academy will be conducting JTSucceed programs at each Mining site. Topics will include self-belief, courage, confidence, behaviour, personal branding and employment pathways.

The message Johnathan would like to share is: whether you’re getting that job, getting that degree or passing that exam – if you have self-belief, courage and confidence, YOU are the difference to achieving your dreams.