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Lendlease –committed to creating meaningful opportunities

Lendlease is proud to be the major employment partner of the Johnathan Thurston Academy, utilising our projects and regional presence to help create meaningful and long-term job opportunities for people across Queensland.

As a proud Australian company, we welcome the opportunity to work with the Academy to help establish construction industry training and employment programs, with an initial focus on the Townsville and the Sunshine Coast regions.

Just like we support our employees, we are committed, through our partnership with the Academy, to supporting individuals in reaching their personal, educational and career goals.

We also share a commitment to ensuring that young people and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have access to training and employment opportunities.

Lendlease looks forward to working with the Johnathan Thurston and his Academy to help change the lives of Queenslanders.

Lendlease Reconciliation Action Plan

Since 2011, Lendlease has been investing in our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) and RAP Partnerships to acknowledge and celebrate the proud heritage of Australia’s first people, and promote opportunities for career development, sustainable business growth, and economic participation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Our partnership with the Johnathan Thurston Academy is a real example of the Lendlease RAP in action.

Townsville – ready for kick-off

Lendlease has been established in Townsville for more than 20 years. Our current project portfolio is made up predominately of Defence sector projects and is supported by the recent completion of James Cook University – The Science Place, and the current development of Elliot Springs.

Townsville is important to us and the home of Johnathan Thurston, and that is why we will kick-off our employment program on Townsville soil.

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Sunshine Coast – region of opportunity

Following completion of the Sunshine Coast University Hospital, Lendlease are now delivering the Sunshine Plaza Redevelopment project.

The Sunshine Plaza Redevelopment is one of the largest construction projects, by value, currently being delivered in the Sunshine Coast region.

With a longstanding commitment to the local community, we are focused on creating employment programs linked with jobs and employment ready training on the Sunshine Coast.

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