Johnson Controls working with JTAcademy to connect with jobseekers and foster diversity and inclusion opportunities

In another exciting development for the Johnathan Thurston Academy, we have joined with Johnson Controls to improve access to employment opportunities for Indigenous jobseekers and foster diversity and inclusion opportunities within their organisation.

The exciting agreement also sees Johnson Controls sponsoring the delivery of a number of workshops to students at Queensland schools.

Johnson Controls transforms the environments where people live, work and play. From optimizing building performance to improving safety and enhancing comfort, they deliver to industries such as healthcare, education, data centers and manufacturing.

“We are delivering some awesome programs through the JTAcademy and I am so proud of what we have been able to achieve in less than two years,” JT Academy Managing Director Johnathan Thurston said.

“While the dream to help is one thing, it can only be realised through great relationships such as the one we have just entered into with Johnson Controls.

“Anything we can do to contribute to these opportunities allows us to help Indigenous people make a difference to their own lives and that of their community. And that really is quite remarkable to be a part of.”

A spokesperson for Johnson Controls said the company saw its work with the JTAcademy as an important opportunity to assist Indigenous jobseekers into meaningful employment.

“At Johnson Controls, we understand the value and importance of promoting diversity and inclusion throughout our organisation,” said Mark Shaw, Vice President, Pacific, Johnson Controls. “This allows us to take on the best employees from all backgrounds who often prove to be valuable and long-term employees for our organisation.

“By working with the JTAcademy, which has established itself to collectively build inclusion by linking community and industry, we believe we can help build sustainable employment opportunities and are excited by the opportunity.”

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