The Johnathan Thurston Academy strives to be a key influencer in closing the gap and increasing Indigenous Employment numbers and engagement across the nation. The JT Academy has demonstrated ability to harness the potential of a powerful and positive network.

The JT Academy provides the basis to collectively build inclusions across industry and community,ensuring positive outcomes for our jobseekers, through activities which are compatible with cultural values that cultivate strong, healthy and sustainable futures.

A powerful brand and National ambassador of positive messaging and engagement with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples across our nation. Johnathan Thurston is the major shareholder, driver and Managing Director of the Academy. Johnathan leads his team at the Academy with passion for his culture, which lies are the very core of his Academy.

The JT Academy team of highly skilled (that is, we are appropriately qualified, trained and/or experienced), enthusiastic, culturally aware, and are a dedicated team capable of building strong and trusted relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander job seekers. Johnathan and his team have a willingness and desire to engage communities in the planning and processes well before programs and initiatives are implemented



  • Nominate a school in Queensland – JT Academy will run a JTSucceed Employment or JTBelieve School engagement workshop,  4 times within the 12 months.. with your company being the named sponsor of the workshops..   – with full social, media and sponsorship acknowledgment
  • Company listing and profile, with the direct link to your website and job pages on JTEmployIndigenous.
  • Unlimited job advertisements
  • Featured announcement across all social media (including JT’s personal LinkedIn account).
  • Priority placement for JTHotJobs – sent weekly to job seekers (jobseeker database).
  • Receive 4 featured articles on Johnathan’s and Academy’s linked in account, and across all social media… Diversity and Inclusion employment focus
  • I x video message from JT (Indigenous Employment Related) to use on your social media and will pushed across JT Academy platforms.
  • Receive a featured article on our blog channel, which includes a push via our social media.
  • Social media posts and push x 2 per month * Indigenous Employment Focus.
  • 1 x signed JT Jersey (for individual or charity use).
  • $2400+ GST per month * minimum 12-month commitment paid monthly.

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