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In 2016, Johnathan sent an uplifting message to the students in Aurukun (Queensland) after leading his side to victory in game one of the State of Origin.  His message to the students was “I just want you to believe in yourselves and keep turning up to school”.

Johnathan is a strong role model of positive influence, as demonstrated by his long list of accolades, the most recent being “Australian Humanitarian of The Year” 2018.

It is critical to note that Johnathan’s well published messages speak directly to our nation’s youth, with a strong influence that organically creates the experience of a culture which fosters group cohesion, community, shared responsibility and a greater sense of self belief and identity.

The Johnathan Thurston Academy messaging and programs are designed to use the existing positive connection and engagement our participants have with Johnathan and provide an important education engagement mechanism.


School Packages Available include:

SCHOOL PACKAGE:    $550 per term*  (must buy 4 terms)

Inclusions per year:

  • Welcome video from Johnathan Thurston to your school, with a direct message
  • Social media announcement on Johnathan Thurston Academy Facebook and Instagram (200,000+ followers)
  • JT Academy logo to use in school publications. E.g. newsletters annual reports, email and social media
  • 100 printed postcards, with JT Image and school logo – with personalised message and quote from JT

Per term:

  • 10 x JT Believe printed full colour Certificates (including Johnathan’s signature) for students who demonstrate; Self Belief & Confidence, Courage and Leadership and/or Commitment to Learning (40 total per year)
  • 3 x JT Academy branded prize packs (including signed certificate from Johnathan, bag, cap, drink bottle, notebook, pen) for awarding to students. (12 per year)
  • 4 x Social media pushes (16 per year)
  • 1 x Johnathan Thurston – “shout outs” (Johnathan, giving a shout out for a student, or a school initiative) via JT Academy social media streams (4 per year)

Entry into competition for Johnathan Thurston to visit to your school*  (2 per year)

$550 per term* * 4 term buy  ….  Total $2200 + gst per year

*(all schools who buy a schools package receive an entry per semester –  1 school visit winner, per semester, as part of this competition, school visit dates will be at the discretion of Johnathan Thurston’s management and will be mutually agreed by all parties)

Optional add on:


Our 3 key programs/workshops and key messaging includes:

#JTBelieve : School engagement program, which provides students with opportunities not only aimed to improve school engagement and academic performance, but also to expand their horizons with a long-term view to their future.

#JTSucceed : Employment focused, topics cover: Self-Belief, Confidence, Courage, Mental Health and well-being tools, resources and Johnathan Thurston relatable examples. Encouraging a change of mindset whilst empowering courage within our participants to embrace and seek the journey of employment.

#JTWomenToLead: A stand out program focused on developing leadership, teamwork and other skills that promote success throughout one’s life and career. Engaging teen girls through an interactive and experiential program focused on personal development and achievement: topics include: achieving goals, preparation for challenges and how to best utilise the tools that are critical for personal, education and professional development.

  • JTSucceed / JTWomenToLead / JTBelieve Workshops
  • 90 minutes with handouts, welcome video from Johnathan Thurston, workshop facilitated by JT Academy team
  • Maximum 2 workshops per day. Max. 30 students per workshop

Workshop price:   $2500+ gst, per day

Note: all workshop bookings receive an entry into the competition for Johnathan Thurston to visit to your school*