Kids from remote Yarrabah and Kowanyama communities join the JTBelieve camp

Education Today ran a story in July about a group of students from Yarrabah and Kowanyama who successfully applied to attend the JTBelieve camp in Cairns with Johnathan Thurston.

The 20 students were chosen from those who successfully completed the JTBelieve program during the school semester, which meant have a great attendance at school and being respectful of the community both in and outside of school.

“The JTBelieve program was designed to help kids improve their self-belief, confidence and courage in their future abilities and opportunities,” Thurston said in the story.

“We believe that by providing programs which help build up the self-belief, confidence, courage and skillsets of youth, they are being given the chance to make decisions about their future based on what they want and what they believe they can achieve.”

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