Kyle Swann My Journey Begins

My journey begins:

Hi, I’m Kyle, I’m 22 years of age and today I’ve been lucky enough to start at the JT Academy doing work experience.  For a long time now, I’ve been feeling frustrated with not knowing what career path I wanted to choose or be on.  I’ve been picking up work wherever I can as a labourer and have not been motivated to stay in this job as working outside on jobsites was never something I wanted to do.  I was grasping at anything to keep the money coming in.

Amazing opportunities seem to never exist and if they did, I never had any idea how to find them.  After hearing about the JT Academy, I went to the site and did some research.  I saw an article about JT talking about being bold, being courageous and believing in myself.

A lightbulb moment:  If I wanted an amazing opportunity, I needed to go and knock on some doors and ask for an opportunity.

I then sent my C.V. to the Johnathan Thurston Academy and called their office.  I had a good chat with them, they inspired me to have a little courage, and believe in myself.  They also suggested I start calling employers and knocking on doors, asking them if they are willing to take me on for work experience as a start to get my foot in the door.  So, I took a little bit of JT’s advice, by digging deep for some courage, and I called the General Manager of the JT Academy and asked Samantha if they had any opportunities for me to do work experience with them, she loved the fact that I had the courage to ask her for this opportunity and today here I am.

Part of my work experience at the academy entails me sharing my journey across our social media platforms. So hopefully by sharing my journey we will inspire other people like me who are struggling or even questioning if they should give it a go or have a crack at something different and try something new. I have always been a big fan of Johnathan Thurston and I want to thank him and the Academy for this opportunity.

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