JTBelievers Turn Leaders!

JTBelievers Turn Leaders!

What a start to the year for the JTBelieve program! Following an exceptional amount of work by our locally based JTBelieve Officers engaging with school staff, community members, parents/carers, and students, we have now welcomed all Semester 1 cohort from our partner communities Yarrabah, Kowanyama, and the Torres region.

The engagement with the participants and particularly that, and the feedback from families, has been rewarding. We are all excited to support this inspiring group of young people through the Semester’s end.

Our staff was also present during student leadership position announcements at Kowanyama State School and Tagai State College. It was a heart-warming moment for all at the JT Academy as Kowanyama announced their four school captains and the realization that all four were part of the JTBelieve program in 2020. Congratulations to Tisharnie, McKenzie. Demetra and Horace.

Not to be outdone, only days later, Tagai State College announced their leadership positions, with Year 9 awarded to Tyrese and Udiwad, who again were both parts of the JTBelieve program in 2020.

Managing Director – Johnathan Thurston “The JTBelieve program is all about our participants believing in themselves. To hear from our JTBelieve Officers that their participants are not only putting themselves forward for leadership positions but, in some cases delivering speeches in front of school staff and community members tells me we are on the right track in supporting the next generation of leaders.

On behalf of the Academy, I thank the schools and communities for supporting opportunities like school captain and year-level leadership positions. These opportunities provide an invaluable platform for the young people of their community and our programs to step outside their comfort zone and showcase their exceptional values and attributes”.