How to express yourself in the workplace

How to express yourself in the workplace

Emotions can be tricky in the workplace, especially when you feel strongly about something and just want to be understood. You also want to be respectful and acknowledge the different views of your team members.

Thankfully, here at JT Academy, we have some tips to help you express yourself effectively!

  1. Stay calm.

No matter what important message you want the people at your work to know, letting your emotions control you can make the discussion more personal.  Therefore it’s best to speak in a calm and even tone, so the person you are talking to can acknowledge and hear your view.

  1. Gather your thoughts.

When we are trying to express ourselves, it can get frustrating when we don’t know what to say.  Before you talk to anyone, gather your thoughts first. Write it down on a piece of paper or go to a place where you can think clearly and figure out how you want to express yourself.

  1. Listen.

When you want someone to listen to you, you must learn how to listen, too! Do not listen and prepare what you are going to say straight away. Understanding other people’s perspectives will establish a good rapport.

  1. Stay on the topic. 

Every time you want to express yourself, always stay on the topic. Don’t personalize the conversation as you could stray from what you are talking about and the message you want to project.

Remember, it’s just as important to be an effective listener when we communicate as it is for us to speak up! For more tips like this, be a subscriber of JT Academy’s General Newsletter.