Thank you, Aunty Fiona!

Thank you, Aunty Fiona!

Dear JTBelieve Yarrabah participants, parents, carers, stakeholders, and community members

Since May 2019, the Johnathan Thurston Academy have been privileged to call Aunty Fiona Patterson one of our own as the JTBelieve Officer – Yarrabah. During this time, she has played a critical role in the program’s implementation and development, culminating in the completion of her dream project – the opening of the JTBelieve Aunty Fiona Patterson Building last December.

It is with understanding but sadness that we announce Aunty Fiona has advised our Managing Director – Johnathan Thurston, that she will be stepping down from her position this year. Having accomplished everything she set out to achieve in her 18 months in the role, she believes now is the appropriate time to hand over the role and allow her to spend more time with her family and concentrate on her health.

We are pleased to announce that Petrina Bassani has agreed to take on the JTBelieve Officer – Yarrabah role and will gradually transition into this role over the coming weeks with support from Aunty Fiona. This handover period will ensure that the values, care, and relationships established by Aunty Fiona for her program will continue to benefit the participants, families, school, and community.

Johnathan said, “Aunty Fiona’s impact on the Academy has reached every team member’s heart and taught all of us the value of connection, community, and friendship. Her dedication towards inspiring young people and her caring nature will leave a legacy and benchmark for JT Academy staff members and programs now and into the future.”

General Manager – Samantha Johnson said, “I can’t express enough the impact Aunty Fiona has had on me as a person and business leader. Her kindness and ability to see the positive and good in all aspects of life speaks volumes for the influence and value she has bought to our team. I can only imagine how many people she has had a similar impact on throughout her professional career. Aunty Fiona is a confident, strong, and amazing woman, and we thank her for everything she has done and has aspired to do for the Yarrabah community and the JT Academy. We wish her happiness and good times with her much-loved family and community in the journey ahead”.

Petrina will commence with the JT Academy on Monday 15th February.