Four WeekPackage


1 x Dedicated page on our website which includes links for user engagement, the page will be made available for a total of 8 weeks *

10 x Priority placed Job advertisements to be used on the JT Academy job board, along with distributing to 3 other free job boards

1 x Featured blog story  to be pushed out via the JT Academy newsletter (over 50K database, and over 300K social media followers)

1 x Featured jobs in our weekly JTHotJobs email distribution

2 x Information events, with special invites of community – facilitate by JT Academy  representative

2 x 2-day employment workshops for up to 20 participants in each workshop

  • Jobseekers sourced by JT Academy
  • Workshops facilitated by JT Academy
  • Includes video messages from Johnathan, Johnathan Thurston notebooks, pens and employment marketing collatera
  • Workshop outcomes include – an evaluation of the jobseekers to the employer of the “standout” jobseekers from the workshop group
  • Workshop includes: pre-employment screening, health & safety overview, understanding expectations of the employer, site/industry tours and overview, industry guest speakers, interview preparation

4 x School (High School students group of up to 40 students) JTSucceed workshops to be created and facilitated by JT Academy staff (workshop to be industry, project, or community content)
2x Community events or networking events – JT Academy representation and engagement
4 x Targeted database, email (EDM) sent to relevant stakeholders (community, project team, subcontractors, local businesses, schools, community)
16 x Social media posts – with relevant content and Co-branded
4 x Live stream on both Facebook and Instagram
1 x Press release with a relevant quote from Johnathan Thurston – written by JT Academy PR team, then distributed across media channels and networks
1 x JT Academy logo to be used in the lead up to and throughout the campaign.

Collateral Pack Included with all items co-branded

  • Posters A3 printed x 10 with Johnathan Thurston imagery and JT Academy branding
  • Pull Up Banners x 2 with Johnathan Thurston imagery and JT Academy branding
  • Media tiles x 5 designed by JT Academy and co- branded
  • 150 signed JT signature postcards with Johnathan Thurston imagery and JT Academy branding
  • 1 x Johnathan Thurston signed sersey – for charity, or prize giveaway
  • 1 x Johnathan Thurston recorded video message

Additional promotional items available at additional cost.

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