Torque Heritage talking the talk when it comes to driving Indigenous employment

With an aim to becoming one of the largest employers of Indigenous Australians, Torque Heritage was one of the first companies to come on board as a corporate partner with the JTAcademy a year ago.

A founding partner, their support has been invaluable in helping the Academy to get the word out about what we are doing and assisting more than 4,000 young people transition into jobs in the past nine months.

“We are receiving some fantastic response through the JTJobBoard for opportunities right around the county,” Michael Hall, CEO of Torque Heritage said.

“We are currently working on 140 jobs for projects in Qld, NSW, Vic and WA and we estimate that around 100 of those will be sourced through the JTJobBoard.

“We love working with JTAcademy.”

Hall said the Torque Heritage team is dedicated to becoming a major employer of Indigenous Australians, offering prospects to those in marginalised communities who have not always enjoyed access to these kinds of opportunities.

Torque Heritage is an Aboriginal owned and managed company with a focus on helping connect Indigenous Australians with sustainable employment opportunities throughout Australia.

Since August 2018, Torque Heritage has provided 200+ employment opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander jobseekers, completed over 90,000 Indigenous working hours and expects to be in the Top 20 Indigenous employers in Australia by the end of 2019. A goal, which Hall is very passionate about.

With employers utilising the JTJobBoard to seek staff for jobs of this scale, we are excited to be providing jobseekers with new pathways to employment and simply could not have been as successful as we have without the support of our partners such as Torque Heritage.





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