Why the Johnathan Thurston Academy needs partners like CQFMS

The work being done by the Johnathan Thurston Academy to ensure youth have the chance to get on-the-job-training would simply not be possible without the support of our corporate partners such as CQField Mining Services (CQFMS).

CQFMS has been a strong and active supporter of JT Academy since it opened in early 2018, regularly posting job ads on the site and taking on trainees and apprentices.

“What we are trying to accomplish here would simply not be possible without the support of companies like CQ Field Mining Services,” Samantha Johnson, General Manager of the JT Academy, said.

“We have the ideas of what we want to achieve but we need active engagement in what we are doing – giving kids a chance by offering the education, training or work – if we are to be successful.

“We know that CQFMS is hoping their example will encourage others to get on board and partner with the JT Academy to make a meaningful difference to lives of our youth.”

CQFMS is a maintenance and construction contractor based in Central Queensland, specialising in Project, Field and Diesel Maintenance servicing the Australian and Pacific region mining and gas industries.

The company was established in 2006 and has a workforce of some 300 staff. Being privately owned, the company prides itself on “looking after its employees”.

“CQFMS values the importance of offering opportunities to those who are new to the industry, everyone needs to start somewhere and when surrounded by the right team it makes for positive results” Jason Holt, Director, said.

“We are a premium sponsor of the JT Academy and support many community events and associations throughout the year.”

Samantha said the Academy thanks CQFMS for their ongoing industry support and it’s vital to help the Academy realise its goals of helping youth into education and training.

“We have been lucky to have the support of a number of corporate partners including CQFMS,” Johnson said. “In keeping with the ethos and principles of the Academy, we only partner with employers of choice who have a proven track record of supporting their staff through the good times and the bad times.

“CQMS is one such company which prides itself on its engagement with its staff and the community and we are very proud to have them on board.”

If you are interested in partnering with the JT Academy, contact Samantha on info@jtacademy.com.au. If you are interested in finding out more about CQFMS, visit their website or email reception@cqfms.com.au



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